CA Sexual Harassment Training

California law requires that certain companies provide sexual harassment training for all supervisors.  Basic parameters for this law:
* Company size: all companies with 50 or more employees
* New supervisors must be trained within 6 months of promotion or hiring
* All supervisors must be retrained every two years
* Instruction must last a minimum of 2 hours (but can go longer)
* There should not be a pass-or-fail test
* Training should be done by a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
* Training must be recorded in employee’s file
* Training can be done through an approved online course

Effect on you: Cost and time to conduct training and record such training in supervisor’s files.  If you have 50 or more employees in California, you need to make sure your supervisors are getting this training.

Steps you should take: Be sure to schedule harassment training for all of your staff that have any supervisory responsibilities.  Consider online training, especially if your supervisors are scattered geographically or work various shifts.  Is it time to re-train anyone?  Set up a method to track your supervisor training.

More information from two top producers of online training programs, Cal Chamber of Commerce or ELT:

Further Help:  Do you have a sexual harassment policy in your Employee Handbook?  If not, it is time to add one.  See New Wind Business Solutions to have a handbook professionally designed for you:

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