Can you fire an employee for Facebook remarks?

Can you discipline or fire an employee who makes bad comments on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site?  Recently, the National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint against American Medical Response of Connecticut, alleging that they fired an employee for the disparaging remarks she made on Facebook while on her own time.  The NLRB alleges the company’s policy against mentioning the company or any supervisors in emails or internet postings is unlawful.

More information from the NLRB:

What should you do?  Make sure your company’s policy address this issue correctly.  If your policy is too broad, you could get into trouble like AMR.  Employees have a right to talk about their work conditions on their own time, but not on YOUR time.  If you do not want them using any social media while on the clock, state it in your employee handbook

Further Steps:  See New Wind for a customized employee handbook.  We custom design each handbook, considering the client’s industry, size, and location.  Let us do the work for you:

New Wind Business Solutions

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