How often do I have to pay employees?

How often are you required to pay a non-exempt, hourly employee?  A business can get into trouble if they do not pay their staff as often as the law requires.  Each state has different regulations (Alabama, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina are the exceptions).  In some states, the rules even differ, depending on the occupation.  (Some states require manual laborers and temp agency employees to be paid weekly.)

What should you do?  Review the US Department of Labor’s convenient graph to see the overview for your state.  If you need more information, visit your state’s department of labor.

In addition, many states require you to inform your employees of when paydays occur.  One way to provide that information is in your company employee handbook.  Need an Employee Handbook?  See New Wind for customized employee handbooks, professionally crafted to your specific business:

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