What HR policies should be included in an Employee Handbook?

What HR policies are required for your company, considering its location, industry and size?  Employee policies and laws can get confusing.  Some HR policies are required (depending on your size/state/industry), but most are optional.  Here is a list of some of the more-common policies available:

Some policies that are essential for almost all Employee Handbooks including sections on 1) At-Will Employment, 2) Unlawful Harassment, 3) Equal Employment Opportunity, 4) Signature Page, and 5) Right to Revise.  Companies with more than 50 employees also need to consider FMLA policies.

What should you do?  You have 3 options when considering a new Employee Handbook:
1) Buy a Handbook Template (priced $30 to $350), then take the time to put it together yourself.  Be prepared to invest many workhours into this project, sometimes including time on your state’s labor law webpage.  There are numerous templates offered on the web, though the quality of the templates vary greatly.
2) Hire a consulting company to custom design an Employee Handbook.  Get a professionally-done manual while saving money and time:
3) Hire a labor law attorney to design your Employee Handbook.  This option is by far the most costly, but might be needed if your industry is highly-regulated or you fear employee lawsuits.

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