Should our Church use an Employee Handbook template?

Time for a new Church Employee Handbook?  If so, then should you use an employee handbook template to build your own staff manual?  That really depends on the expertise of your staff and/or volunteer experts.  Most handbook templates offered are aimed at businesses, not non-profits and certainly not churches.  If you have someone you can rely on for the major revisions required, then a template would be a cheap alternative (especially if the hours spent doing the revising are volunteered by someone in your congregation).

How are Church Employee Handbooks different from Business Employee Handbooks?  There are numerous policies that you will not find in the typical handbook template, which most churches would want to add:
1. Working with Volunteers
2. Volunteer Time
3. Working with Minors
4. Pastoral Accountability
5. Pastoral Covenant
6. Pastoral Sexual Purity/ Ethics
7. Pastoral Licensing, ordination, Education
8. Safety and Protection of Minors
9. Statement of Faith
10. Word from the Pastor
11. Sabbatical Leave
12. Ministry Leave
13. Food Handling (Church Cafe)
14. Driving Policy (Church Bus)

Consider having a professional design your next Employee Handbook.   New Wind will do all the hard work and you will receive a Church Employee Handbook customized to your ministry:


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