Do we need church consulting for HR policies?

Why is a church consulting company helpful when a church establishes its HR policies and procedures?   When it comes to setting up staff policies, a professional HR consulting company can help your church determine the correct policies for your church staff size, location, and particular ministries.  A company specializing in helping ministries is preferred, since churches have very different needs from the typical business.

What special policies should a church have?  A church, unlike most businesses, should consider the following policies:
– Volunteer Time
– Pastoral Covenant
– Pastoral Accountability
– Sexual Purity
– Working with Minors
– Working with Volunteers
– Ministry Interns
– Housing Allowance
– Licensing/ Ordination
– Community Relations
– Ministry Leave
– Pastoral Sabbaticals
– Health and Hygiene (for Church Cafe)
– Safety and Security for Minors
– and many more

Ready to hire an HR Consulting company to design your HR policies?  Consider New Wind Business Solutions.  They design a professional Employee Handbook covering all the policies you might need or want for about $575.   The take the time to learn about your ministry and fit the policies to your vision and organizational structure.
(For a 10% Discount, mention the Promo Code: HRQA)  Click on the link below for further details:

Church Employee Handbook

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