Are you ready for Secretaries Day?

When is Administrative Professionals’ Day?  This day falls on the Wednesday of the last full week in April (April 27th in 2011).  Previously known as Secretaries Day, the name has changed as the title “secretary” has lost its popularity.  It is a day for management to say “thanks” to their supporting staff. 

Who should be recognized on this day?  Officially, this day is intended for administrative professionals, but most companies use this as an oppportunity to recognize all hourly office support staff.  If anyone feels overlooked or slighted, it could cause greater problems.  However, many companies will exclude their exempt employees (management, commissioned sales personnel,  high-paid technical staff, etc.), their field staff, and any temporary staff.  Be careful to avoid any charges of sexism by only rewarding female staff; instead, recognize all who hold a certain type of job position, like all non-exempt office support staff .

What are typical gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day?   Usually, this date is celebrated by gifts of flowers, candy, lunch, or gift cards.  Consider the following links for more ideas:

Flower gifts from Just Flowers, a traditional favorite for this day-
Send Flowers Get Smiles

Custom Candy ideasPersonalized MY M&M'S® Candies.

Bed & Breakfast gift card, for a unique present that they will truly appreciate-

Food and activity discounts from Groupon-

Is it worth the cost to celebrate this day?  Employee recognition is almost always appreciated by the recipient, especially if supported by affirmative, heartfelt words.  However, if Secretaries Day gifts are given begrudgingly or without the verbal affirmation it will have only minimal results.  Usually, any act of recognition will help with office morale.  This day provides you with a wonderful opportunity to show empathy and appreciation to those working under your direction.

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