How can a church HR consultant help?

How can an HR consultant help your church?  There are many areas where a consultant can be of help :
1. Hiring and Firing
2. Employee Policies
3. Employee Relations

Hiring and Firing help:  An HR consultant can help your church with developing interviewing and hiring forms, training supervisors on hiring and firing skills, and creating guides for interviewing, hiring, disciplining, and firing.  Need help in these areas?  Learn more at the following links:

Interviewing and Hiring Forms

Discipline and Termination Forms

Employee Policies:  A church HR consultant can help you establish your HR policies.  Have a consultant design your employee handbook so that all your policies are in writing:

Church Staff Handbook service

How can a church consultant help with your HR needs?  A consultant can focus on your personnel needs so that you can focus more on your ministry.

One thought on “How can a church HR consultant help?

  1. I want to add that if you church does not have easy access to an employee assistance program or employee assistance professional to help employees with personal problems that place your organization at risk, ask your HR manager, or contact the Employee Assistance Professionals Association in Arlington, VA. EAPs are not 800# run by managed care companies! They are live-person, risk management programs!!

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