What safety products does my business need?

Safety Products come in 5 categories:
1. Safety Signs and Tags
2. Storage and Handling (including HazMat spill kits)
3. Safety Posters
4. Safety Training
5. Parking and Directional Signage

1. Do you need safety signs or asset tags?  For safety reasons or OSHA compliance, many businesses need safety signs, equipment labels, and asset tags.  Consider Seton, an excellent online source for your warehouse signs, warning labels and more:

2. Do you need help with material handling or storage?  Consider C&H Distributers for everything from pallet jacks to HazMat spill kits to storage bins:

C&H - Business and Industrial Equipment

3. Do you need Labor Posters or OSHA Posters?  Every business MUST post Labor Law posters (specific requirements differ by state).  In addition, some industries also need to post certain OSHA safety posters.  See Personnel Concepts for your required posters:

4. Do your employees need Safety Training?  Some employees will need extra training to help with OSHA compliance.  Consider providing the training through an online course to save money and time.  See 360 Training for your training needs:
OSHAcampus- Occupational Safety and Health Adminis

Industrialinstitute- online workforce training

5. Do you need Direction Signs and Parking Signs?  Many businesses need signs to direct cars, customers, and employees.  Let them know where to park, where to enter/exit, and what areas are off-limits.  In addition, some signs are necessary for ADA requirements to indicate handicap access areas.  See emedco for a full assortment:
Emedco Sale 468*60

Do you need further help?  We can provide further help to your business:

HR Consulting– Get help with your personnel problems.  Have a professional focus on the “people side” of your business, so that you can  focus on the business itself.

Employee Handbook service– Get your company policies and procedures in writing.  Have a professional design your employee handbook.

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