What is the new NLRA union poster?

ANOTHER UPDATE- NLRB has delayed implementation of this policy until summer of 2012.  An US Court of Appeal has ruled against the poster requirement, so this rule is now uncertain while the ruling is further appealed.  The new law may be enforced in other states not under that Appeal Court’s jurisdiction.

UPDATE- NLRB has delayed implementation of this policy until January 31, 2012 April 30th, 2012.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that by November 14, 2011 all employers must update their Labor Law Posters to include a new posting about the right to unionize under the National Labor Relations Act.

Who does this apply to?  Almost all businesses are required to make this update.  The only exclusions are for agricultural, railroad, and airline employers.  The NLRB does mention that it will not pursue “very small employers”  who are far too small to do any interstate commerce but most employers would not meet their stringent requirements.

Can the NLRB fine you for non-compliance?  No, they do not have the authority to issue fines.  However, willful refusal to post can easily become ammunition for a lawsuit by either the government, employees, or a union trying to organize your employees.

Where can I purchase an updated Labor Law poster that covers all current Federal and State Laws?  Please see the link below to Personnel Concepts, the leader in all-in-one labor posters:

Can I obtain a free poster or more information from the NLRB?  Yes, please see the link below for more information directly from the NLRB:


Do you need a new Employee Handbook?  It may be time to update your employee handbook to make sure your policies address Equal Employment, Anti-Harassment, and Solicitation and Distribution of Literature.  See the appropriate link below for your organization:

Employee Handbook for Businesses

Employee Handbook for Non-Profits

Employee Handbook for Churches

When is the deadline for posting this new NLRB/ NLRA Poster?  The deadline is November 14th, 2011.

3 thoughts on “What is the new NLRA union poster?

  1. chris diaz

    I’m a member of local 831 and I am very consernd about how are union Is being ran. I would like to know if we as union members who pay dues are being lied too. I’ve heard their Is a new law taking affect Feb 1st. From what I heard the law states if a company outsourses any work out of state they have to pay our unoin wages. If this is true I would like to know. PLEASE REPLY

    1. Chris,
      We are unaware of any such law, though a particular business may have such a deal with its particular union. The big wage law coming up this Feb 1st is the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act, which states that an employer must notify every non-exempt employee of their official pay rate, OT rate, paydays, etc. California enacted a similiar law this January. We are only HR consultants here, and not lawyers, but we find it hard to believe that a law like you are talking about could be even passed let alone enforced. It might be in some private union contract that was bargained with a particular company, but this does not sound like any new state law or federal law to our knowledge. If any other readers know different, please chime in.

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