Why get a California Employee Handbook?

Fairness in employment.  An employee handbook sets your employee policies and procedures in writing for your California business.   With a well designed California employee manual you will gain many benefits: 1) your HR policies will be clear and consistent, 2) you will lower the chance of misunderstanding or frustration among staff, 3) you will offer protection to the business, and 4) you will equip your supervisors with a good HR resource.  No matter what type of business you have, an employee handbook is an essential for getting your California employee policies in writing.

Some policies are necessary for any employee handbook:  at-will employment, non-discrimination, non-harassment, professional ethics, benefits, and a confirmation-of-receipt page.  Consider some of the other policies that can be included:

Employee Policies listEmployee Policies List

What typical policies are specific for California organizations?  California has many unique labor laws concerning overtime, rest periods, vacation/PTO pay, and many other regulations.

In addition, most California companies choose to add custom policies that are unique to their organization, covering topics such as HIPAA, driving safety, money handling, hygiene, or telecommuting.

What is not included in a typical handbook?  A typical handbook (30-40 pages) does not cover job procedures which are too intricate and job-specific.  Those topics not covered include things like job descriptions, day-to-day work procedures, and so forth.  Also, most handbooks are only in English, since good translation services are rather expensive to maintain legally compliant terminology.

How do I get a California employee handbook?  You have 3 basic options for designing a handbook for your staff:
1. Download a Template.  Priced from $30 to $350, these templates will require you to invest many hours into personalizing the handbook to your state, employee count, and business specifics.  Templates do NOT have typical industry-specific policies.  A good template from the California Chamber of Commerce coasts about $200.
2. Have an HR consulting company design a customized handbook for you.  Typical price is about $725.  Pricing is a little higher, but the work is done by a professional  New Wind Business Solutions is an excellent HR consulting company that designs California employee handbooks, customized for each client:
(For a 10% Discount, mention the Promo Code: HRQA)


3. Go to a labor law lawyer.  This is by far the most expensive option, but you will receive a California employee handbook that considers all the legal intricacies of your business (though maybe not industry-specific policies).  This is a good option for complex businesses concerned about employee lawsuits.  Typical pricing ranges from $1,500 to $3,500.

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