Hiring Church Employees

Hiring Church Employees   Looking for a practical guidebook to successful hiring? This guidebook is aimed at pastors, church leaders, and church office supervisors.  It covers the whole hiring process, from planning your staffing needs to advertising your job openings, from conducting interviews to completing New Hire paperwork.

The cost is only $7.99 as an e-book or $12.99 as a trade paperback.

Adding employees to a church or ministry should be an exciting time, yet too often a leader will find the experience frustrating. The aim of this guidebook is to alleviate those frustrations as we help you through the hiring process. We want you to get through it successfully, which means finding the right person for your staff opening.

Hiring Church Employees gets in-depth on the following topics:
1. Assessing your church staffing needs
2. Deciding what kind of person you want
3. How to advertise a job opening
4. Conducting good interviews
5. Picking the best person for the job
6. Day One Paperwork

Buy Now and start reading today!
Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $7.99 as an e-book or $12.99 as a paperback book.

Learn more at the authors’ website: Genuine HR

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