Beware the recent changes in employee policies caused by the NLRB

This post is a warning for businesses and non-profits.  The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been very active in challenging many employee policies that had been settled law.  This blog, HR Quick Answers, is a service of New Wind Business Solutions,  a company that custom-designs Employee Handbooks for businesses and non-profits throughout the USA.  Lately, writing employee policies has become a landmine due to an over-active NLRB.  They have attacked standard company policies like 1) at-will employment, 2) confidentiality during investigations, 3) off-duty access of facilities, and 4) an attempt to force quickie elections.  Some of these policies have been settled law for over 30 years, yet the NLRB suddenly sees them as a violation of Section 7, hindering employees’ rights to unionize.    You might want to read some of the attorney website links below, because these changes could greatly affect your organization:

It is important that any employee policies are carefully written, considering all of these changes (and the many others brought on by the EEOC, DOL, various courts, and your particular state).  Even if you have an Employee Handbook already in place, you may want to review those policies to make sure they still comply in this fast-changing environment.

At New Wind, we consider all of these changes whenever we design a custom employee handbook for a client. (  However, we want to make sure all organizations are properly warned of these changes, whether they are a client of ours or not.  Take the time to become educated or your business may suffer the consequences.

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